Your Cozy Café Retreat!

Our default location

Ravana - Mist - Ward 1 - Plot 15

Our other venues

Hosted by our bun boi team eager to showcase their homes

Other Services

SFW Gpose - 200k/person in photo

Hire a custom gpose from one of the bunnies with you whoever you want to make sure you remember the night.

Bun Hug / Dote / Pet - 300k

Want to give someone a little love or attention? all working bun boys will either hug / dote / pet a specific person of your choice.

Bar Buyout - 1mil/hour

Buyout the bar for an hour to offer everyone free drinks and food for an hour while simultaneously paying our wages.

Character Drawing - Commission

Helios Azem will draw a design of your character or someone of your choosing, talk to Helios for more details.

Our Policies

Bard Stage

3 songs per person/group if there are others waiting in line to play. Please be sensible with your choices.

Outfits / Glams

Wear what you think is appropriate for a cafe/bard venue. Take a look around if you are unsure.

Open Chatter

Please keep any open chat sfw. Any nsfw, political or drama etc chat kept to yourself or your own private party/dm.